Sunday, October 27, 2013

IRCTC gets much needed UI update!

Sometime in late September, IRCTC started redirecting its users to a new interface on searching for a train. It seems to be a phased rollout as I was redirected to the new interface just today and my friend doesn't see it yet.
The login screen and the landing page haven't changed. But when you search for a train, the website redirects to subdomain and presents a new UI.

The screen presented on selecting a train also has significantly more information than before:

For technically inclined, the new UI uses jsf technology whereas the old pages use the archaic CGI scripting. The new interface presents several details in a concise way(it even has tabs!)  and significantly reduces the number of clicks to get information. However, the huge amount of info on a single screen can be overwhelming for quite a few people.
 From the look of it, the new UI is a significant improvement over the existing one(apart from these two pages, other pages on irctc don't seem to have changed yet). An eternal optimist, I am one of the billion people hoping that irctc updates its entire website to a new and improved UI!